Monday, February 14, 2005

a trip to wuxtry

Wuxtry Records continues to get my vote for the most interesting used CD store in town. My recent trip got me a handful of mixed music (in return for plastic loss, of course). I resisted the temptation to hoard the Badalamanti/Lynch collaborations there, but I know I'll be back to claim them (unless someone beats me to it).

* Deep Throat Anthology, Pts. 1 & 2 (should make for a combination of shocked faces and a good point for questions as soon as I put up a exhibit of my collection)

* RCA's Greatest One-Hit Wonders: Potential victims of my trivia assault may note this as a source of preparatory material

* Zabriskie Point: and more on the making of the soundtrack. This is a relatively less-publicized UK release from EMI with just 11 tracks. What I need to do now is get the extended Rhino release.

* Moog (OST) with a bonus disc of more electronica.

* TV Land Crime Stoppers: TV's greatest PI themes

* Buried Treasures: Lost gems from deep in the '60s vaults

* Surfin' Hits, if only to have at least one version of Pipeline on CD.

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