Friday, November 12, 2004

short notes

Despite his vocal prowess, Adnan Sami exhibits a lot of the sticky bit syndrome in his melodies and arrangements (e.g. chain mujhe ab and kabhii aisaa lage). Tera Chehra and Kasam sport so much déjà vu! I must admit I don't mind it much -- I like the 7 and 14-beat cycles too, and I like the chords, and the melodic twists (some of which remind me of the kind of rabbits the late RDB would pull out of his musical hat). But I always wonder if there's more promise that lies hidden behind this recapitulation.

In addition to boasting a laughathon as a preview [more about that], Aitraaz also boasts songs with outrageous lyrics. The great voice of Sunidhi Chauhan sparkles, but is wasted and condemned to being stereotyped. For more entertainment, check out the interview snippets on, especially the Priyanka Chopra interview where she refers to Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor as veterans.

While on click to the page dedicated the the newest Darshan-fest Bewafa. The item of interest is Manoj Bajpai's interview. Catch a sample of nice Hindi. Behind the digs at the clichés and unsubtle aspects of his role, I could sense an element of defeat -- the need for art to succumb to the needs of dumbed-down commerce. Must this always be? Isn't there a middle ground where talent and commerce could co-exist without having to make concessions to each other?

And how about a dishload of uninspired movie titles? WTF does Kal Na Kal Yeh To Hona Hi Tha mean? And the runner-up is Jo Andar Fit Woh Bahar Bhi Hit.

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