Wednesday, May 04, 2005

should I even read this?

[source: Rediff Movies]: I am not a printing press screams the headliner linking to In conversation with Kya Kool.. actress Neha Dhupia.

[source: you know, the same]: Rediff is polling readers[sic] about which Hollywood films they would like to see remade as Hindi films. Just what we need now: encouragement for the increasingly powerful wave of dumb-me-down pervading the sociosphere.

[source: sudarshan]: Ash to date stripper on US show screams a TOI headline (not surprised, are we?). The essence: her smart PR agent got her onto some variant of the Jerry Springer Show. Another milestone for our cultural[sic] ambassador.

Elsewhere in this sandbox, notes on My Brother Nikhil emerge, nesting a reference to a tridium of movie reviews (Naach, Raat ke Saudagar and Phir Milenge)

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