Sunday, March 30, 2008

the I in the objective as a south african flower gets a serenade

K.K.'s new album Humsafar sports a mix of Pritam-echoing Pakistani pop (aasamaa.N ke), an echo of Leslie Lewis with the title track and rainaa bhayii, by far the most interesting track -- one that mixes the boat song with a rock/pop arrangement and phrases in Malayalam. The final track is called Cineraria and is presumably an ode to the South African genus of flowers. The singer gives lyricist Mehboob a break and pens the lines himself; and they become fodder for a grammatical peeve: Is there another place / Another place in the sun / Where you and I could be together, love / Tell me why is it so hard / So hard for you and I / At times alone I sit and wonder. The only consolation is that this bit of hyper-correction is tucked away inside the song instead of being an egregious assault like Jessica Simpson's Between You And I.

all debts are clear'd between you and I
-- (Antonio's letter to Bassanio) Act III, Scene 2; The Merchant Of Venice / William Shakespeare

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