Wednesday, May 27, 2009

honest to vitriol

Suparn Verma's refreshingly candid when answering a question on plagiarism/influences in Rediff's new slide show on his next film Acid Factory, his first film with Sanjay Gupta (An old post hereabouts portended this collaboration):

Are your films mostly inspired by some movie or the other?

Not actually. Ek Khiladi is inspired by 14 con films -- Confidence and House of Game are among them. Chhal was not inspired. Qayamat was inspired by The Rock. Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai was marketed as American Pie but it wasn't inspired by American Pie; not one gag of it was from American Pie. Zameen and Karam were not remakes.

PS: Rediff's new layout looks cleaner and nicer, but there's a problem with their slide shows -- you can't get a URL for a specific slide. The whole thing is implemented using JavaScript and the content of each slide is a string array and your clicks on Next and Prev are nothing but indexes for the array. The code's goop and that's the price you pay for the pleasant look.

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Sudarshan said...

Don't know if you're seeing the same new layout that we get in the des, but I totally *hate* the new layout - the home page lists 4 or 6 main categories - news, movies, business, whatnot, and once you're in one of those category pages, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to jump to other categories, other than by returning to the home page. The older design was tabbed and let you move around much more easily. Ah well. Hope they figure this out quick.

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