Tuesday, June 02, 2009

google docxs

Google Docs has added support for the DOCX and XLSX (YuckX!) formats that Office 2007 uses. I found out about the lack of support late last year and was waiting for this day. I like the new formats because you get smaller files, you deal with ZIP archives based on a rather well-documented format that uses XML and you also get to do cool things because of that. The last bit may not matter much to most people, but I think the new format makes it easier for people to write tools to do cool things with the files. WooX HooX!


Ramanand said...

As it turns out, just the day before your post, I renamed a .pptx file to .zip and burst it open. Hoping to do some 'cool' things to it!

I assume you've seen Apache's POI? I loved how they have a prefix of H or D for their package names, denoting Horrible & Dreadful respectively.

George said...

I'm waiting for POI 3.5 to get out of the beta cycle so that I can get some official support for OOXML; text-mining's stuck at Office 2003.

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