Tuesday, July 21, 2009

family conceit, bollywood style

The Kapoor sisters have it made. In Kambakkht Ishq, the hideous Kareena Kapoor (whose makeup alone is enough to cause the popularity of eyeshadow to dip) gets to wiggle to a song whose chorus goes bebo mai.n bebo. For the uninitiated, Bebo is her nickname, her petname, what people at home call her, what every fan knows. Perhaps this was a tribute to her elder sister, the sometimes more talented and largely less hideous, Karis[h]ma Kapoor, who strutted to a song that went dekho mai.n huu.N karishmaa in Papi Gudia (the Child's Play ripoff, Charles). Or perhaps it was an ode to kRRiShnaa tuu mai.n karishmaa huu.N from Prem Shakti. Who knows?

Incidentally, unless memory fails me, a sequence in Papi Gudia was a filch not from Child's Play but a sequence from either F/X or F/X 2 -- which reminds me to try and find a copy of these delightful Bryan Brown starrers.

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