Wednesday, October 27, 2010

are you watching closely?

5 plus 2 makes 7; plus 8 makes 15; plus 4 makes 19; plus 9 makes 28; plus 1 makes 29. 29 is a prime number! 2 plus 9 makes 11. 11 is also a prime number! 1 plus 1 makes 2. ALSO a prime number! Google is your friend. 528491 is a prime number as well. That gives us a prime within a prime within a prime.

One of my favourite stories in childhood was the Greek myth about the slaying of the Minotaur by Theseus and there was the girl who loved him and gave him the yarn so that he could trace his way back out of the labyrinth, out of the maze. And her name was ...!

Oh wait! She got an Oscar for playing the real-life singer whose song's playing throughout the film!

Those stairs. Oh! The pawn. Or was it a bishop? Chess! Bobby Fischer! Um, Robert Fischer ... Bobby Fischer.

He has the same name as that serial burglar who befriended the guy who followed strangers ... hmmm.

Excuse me while I pinch myself. I must be dreaming.

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Arkus Caesar said...

yeah..i once read a book by a dude named marcus sauvoy (or thereabouts)..the books name was called " the music of the primes" or thereabouts about prime numbers nad how peeps involved in said research went lala..then i had booze with my friends..and blacked out..apparently i warbled stuff like you did , until my friend and saviour of aforesaid party Rahul Singh slapped me and sent me off to bed...this post reminded me of that night roughly 50 moons ago..cheers :D

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