Monday, January 24, 2011

reading list for word snobs in the wings: a guest post on tender leaves

My dear friends BVHK and Sudarshan have been kind enough to solicit a guest post from me, wake me out of my lassitude to get it done and finally publish it on the Tender Leaves blog. It's verbal diarrhoea dedicated to some books on the English language and its usage that I have enjoyed reading. You won't find any stuffy academic tomes listed there; only doses of the best medicine to season interesting ways of learning things that seemed so tedious in school.

What is Tender Leaves, you ask? It's an unreasonable question if you're from Pune. I have the public libraries to sate my hunger for the printed word, but you really don't. Look no further. Sign up and start turning 'em pages.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing it with us..

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