Tuesday, March 06, 2012

the basis for inevitable linguish

I have ranted (as, I am sure, have countless others) about the rise of crapspeak and the decline of simple lucid conversation and writing. A fresh exhibit today not only underscores my concern but also makes me shudder at the inevitable consequences -- soon people will not understand why they are using an idiom that should never have been allowed to thrive.

Ask your favourite browser to open up this page and then scroll down to comment #34. I quote:

At least you're only riled up on a daily basis. It could be worse: it could be every day!

Let us assume that this sentence appears exactly as it was meant to be (no typos, no missing words). We must also assume that the person responsible for this comment was not mocking the example of crapspeak. What we have then is the failure to comprehend that on a daily basis was an unfortunately more verbose egregious alternative to the much simpler and shorter every day.

This is tragic. Very tragic.

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