Saturday, May 12, 2012


I never could warm up to Ishaqzaade's soundtrack. I always found myself listening to Housefull 2 (the eminently silly and yet catchy papa to band bajaaye.n, the pointless Hinglish of Know and Now and anaarakalii Disco chalii, the latest edition in the line of souped-up street item songs. Ayushmann's version of paaNii daa from Vicky Donor kept me on that soundtrack. But there was nothing to keep me on Ishaqzaade. And then today morning, I made a smooth segue from Ishaqzaade's title song into another Amit Trivedi song, paradesii (JR has a nice post about it) from Dev.D. Now I can see myself just going back to Dev.D. I didn't even mind Aisha's soundtrack, which didn't have much of Trivedi's trademark rocksy texture on its songs (I love the programmed loop on the title song and the fusion on gal miTThii miTThii bol). I hope Ishaqzaade's an anomaly. I await Trivedi's next. I can survive on an IV drip of his past ouevre till then.

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Ramanand said...

Gave Ishaqzaade an extended listen, and came away with liking the title track, "Pareshaan", and even "Chokraa jawaan re" (liked the different things he's done, with percussion and tempo). Found "Jhalla" a little phoney.

I rated this over Aisha :)

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