Saturday, October 13, 2012

playlist for an autumnal walk

  • a gypsy's kiss (deep purple, perfect strangers)
  • friends (led zeppelin, the bombay sessions (bootleg))
  • a.Nkhiyaan (füzon)
  • johnny gaddaar (shankar-ehsaan-loy, johnny gaddaar)
  • ruu-ba-ruu (a r rahman, rang de basanti)
  • kandisa (indian ocean, kandisa)
  • drive (r e m, automatic for the people)
  • four sticks (led zeppelin, the bombay sessions (bootleg))
  • knocking at your back door (deep purple, perfect strangers)
  • everybody hurts (r e m, automatic for the people)
  • man on the moon (r e m, automatic for the people)
  • help (deep purple, shades of deep purple)

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