Tuesday, August 03, 2004

a claptonian high

Yet again, the people at BMG read my mind as I thought "hmm, it's time to beef up my Clapton collection a bit". With a nice deal (and no shipping and handling), I wound up with four little nuggets: his début album, a special 2-CD remastered augmented (and diminished, in an undocumented way) release of Derek and the Dominos playing Live at the Fillmore, a special 2-CD remastered edition of Blind Faith's sole eponymous album, and finally Cream's d´but album.

The first time I had heard of Cream was when my guide/mentor for my final year undergraduate project lent me his CD. And I kept looping the thing ad infinitum soaking myself in the sounds of energetic bluesy jazzy riff-laden songs with rip-roaring solos and infectious refrains. And the day my package arrived, with my own copy of this masterpiece, I also receive an email from him saying he was moving on from his current job to something different. All the best to you D, and thanks for the unintentionally delicious "spoonful" of irony.

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