Monday, August 23, 2004

sanjeev chimmalgi

* when: august 20, 2004

* where: holiday inn select, Decatur, GA

* who: sanjeev chimmalgi (vocal) accompanied by milind pote (tabalaa) and krishnakali bakshi (harmonium)

the programme

1 dhanakonii kalyaan (aka dha nako -- omit dha --, komal nii se kalyaan): created by his guru the late great Pt. C R Vyas: vilambit and madhya in ek taal; drut in tiin taal

2 le jaa re jaa patikawaa in raag bihaag (aadhaa tiin taal; drut in ek taal)

3 ba.ndish by Pt C R Vyas in raag jog (madhya ruupak). as he was kind to point out, this taal-centred incorporated elements of the agra gaayakii style.


4 another agra-style taraanaa in maalakau.ns ... a bhe.NDii baazaar ba.ndish followed by another one by kumar ga.ndharv

5 a nirguNii kabiir bhajan by kumar ga.ndharv {kauno Thagavaa}

6 the bhairavii presentation was a bhajan in kannada

As SC himself noted later, his voice took a while warming up and seemed to have made it just as things were about to close. That said, I was glad to finally hear the bhairavii after the last concert I attended (a not-too-pleasant experience in itself) skipped this wonderful raag.

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