Monday, June 27, 2005

bridgetown grill

[june 25, 2005] {with gracious input from AD} [previous post in the Weekend Dinner Club thread]

The Weekend Food Club had two options before them on Saturday: Brazilian food, or another Mediterranean option. Preliminary investigation into the former option revealed that the pinch on the pocket was too much to ignore. And then we hit our choice for the evening. Caribbean. The location: Bridgetown Tropical Grill and Bar. Right there on Peachtree a block or so away from the Fox Theatre. HINT: Parking is an issue. Quite frustrating. Avail of public transportation and your fine pair of legs and you'll be less peeved.

So there we were sitting inside (outside was also an option, but the muggy noisy proceedings put paid to that soon). No surprise on the menu front. Lots of aquatic articles (and to think that we had Bombay residents who didn't care much for seafood). Interesting menu items included i'm broke and i wanna eat! (Black beans, rice, two plantains and island salad) and i'm broke and i wanna drink! (PBR -- that's Pabst Blue Ribbon -- tallboy). Our server described that last item with extreme caution, noting that it was American beer that was a lot thinner and less satisfying than Bud Light (I don't guzzle beer, but I believe that's a good reason to stay away).

Liked the food the last time I was here, and I vaguely remembered the appetizer sampler. We ordered one this time and the mix of conch frittters, jerk wings and calamari marked a good introduction to the main course. Fortunately or not, most of us ordered the star entrée: their world famous (?) jerk chicken. The raspberry coulis dipping sauce marks some definite acquired taste, but if you aren't too averse to the idea of "grilled chicken and jam", you won't mind it. The other dishes on the table were an order of Mojito steak (nicely done) and the jerk chicken pasta (which diluted the impact of the jerk sauce while bridging the two gastronomic domains and would probably appeal to people on the pasta side of the fence). No desserts this time, but we walked away full and happy.

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