Saturday, July 16, 2005

arya: some equations have no solution [june 28, 2005]

The only reason I picked up this tape at the Indian store was the tagline "some equations have no solutions". Now, that takes taglines to a new level (especially since that line appears nowhere in the film's credits!). This is a venture funded and encouraged by the NRI TV Film Club (a venture that aims to "promote Indian and multicultural talent worldwide in the areas of television, film, music and theatre"). I can't wish them the best after having watched this slipshod enterprise.

So what's the film about? That tagline gives away the mathematical vibe of the twist. At the very core is the most interesting angle: an effect of the tragedy of 9/11 -- the loss of identity in several survivors, thanks to the loss of supporting documents. One such person is Arya, a genius who, completely overwhelmed by greed and nefarious purpose, exploits his mathematical smarts to find a way to crash the Indian stock market and get a large bag of cash for himself and his gal. They decide to move to NYC and then 9/11 happens. Arya survives, and then becomes an amnesiac. He has a girlfriend (and their interactions provide us with the necessary clichéd skin display). And then his memories begin to flood back. And eventually, the truth comes out. The problem with the film was the complete lack of quality in the performances, the rather jumpy uneven nature of the film (editing, anyone?), the bad sound, the terribly sickening levels of the background score, and the refusal to exploit the little nugget that I mentioned earlier. Sigh!

As for that super-cool tagline, it doesn't appear anywhere in the movie. The only place you'll see it is on the DVD menu (and presumably on the DVD jacket). Looks like these taglines are now officially a marketing gimmick.

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