Saturday, April 01, 2006

rahul roy's not quite naughty [OR how #me meets his match]

As noted previously in this space, Rahul Roy is all set to return to the silver screen with Naughty Boy featuring the female equivalent of #me [medically, of course], Mona Chopra. Now, recently Roy refused to pucker up with Chopra leaving his co-star Rocky Sandhu to try and do a #me [indulge in multiple on-screen kisses]. Just as #me's been running a marketing campaign for himself using his lips and his kissing prowess [sic], Mona Chopra's been doing something similar -- from going topless to saying things like Let's [sic] the film release, it will prove my kissing prowess.

Something not really important to people would be knowing what the film's about. And YT is all about telling you about stuff that's not really important. Here's a synopsis: A multi-millionaire businessman and widower (Rahul Roy) hires a young governess (Mona Singh) to make his teenage son (Hitesh Kriplani) a man, and ends up falling for her himself [more]. You are forgiven for looking at those publicity photographs and thinking that this was some kind of a horror flick.

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