Thursday, March 30, 2006

high fives! [courtesy: desi train]

The 2006 edition of the Indian Film Festival of LA. Interesting selection although one could clearly do without movies like Monsoon Wedding now. The real reason to celebrate is the presence of Anurag Kashyap's Paanch, which has hitherto never seen the official light of day thanks to those $$&*#)#@$ Indian censors. The festival rocked last year when they screened Black Friday. The High Museum of Art in Atlanta has an annual Indian Film Festival and the 5th edition's round the corner. The 2004 edition was decent, but the edition last year sucked (what can you do when you find movies like Baghban on the list but there's no sign of Black Friday when other Indian film festivals across the country had it on their lists?). So far the only entry I know of is Deepa Mehta's Water. Here's hoping Kashyap's films make it.

Some old posts in this domain dedicated to Kashyap include a note on his guilty movie pleasures, early notes on the soundtrack of the wonderful Black Friday and an inclusion of the same in my first long take on soundtracks of 2005 almost destined for oblivion.

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