Thursday, June 15, 2006

some more strange things that bring people here

[last edition in the series]

vardhman jewelry shops in st.louis

narula lunch box in delhi

what is the earthworm's body covering wikipedia

legal focus on gated schemes by chris prasad

pictures of aditya vikram bhatt's wife (ham ho.nge kaamayaab?)

stevie wonder cover kumar sanu album (now wouldn't we all like a mash-up of part time lover with a riff-o-rama of he.n he.n?)

asha parekh zombie (bingo!)

rakhail the mistress (haven't watched it yet; would love to have nakal: a copy)

karate mithun (once again, snag me a copy and I will reward you)

Once you're back up, please enjoy this video featuring the late Dr Rajkumar. A cult classic for sure. If YouTube is not something your network likes, try this page that offers the video, the audio and the lyrics (watch the video first before visiting the other links so that you may maximise your mirth).

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