Wednesday, June 28, 2006

once upon a time in the east

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That's how the flash promo on the film's website begins. The font, the brush stroke finish to the shots in the montage, the earthy textures are all dead giveaways of the Sergio Leone influence, especially Once Upon A Time In the West (if you haven't already seen this film, do yourself a gigantic favour and watch it; and feel free to scream Sholay when we come to the killing of the McBain family).

The pages are decently laid out, except the prominent absence of a "Back" button in the "Crew" section.

The music has only made me even more eager to get my hands on the soundtrack (tentative release date on Eros Music: July 3, 2006). So far it sounds like an aural winner for Vishal. It's nice to see Sunidhi return (was Paanch their last collaboration?). Rakesh Pandit returns after two tracks on Maqbool. Nachiketa Chakravorty, JR suspects, is the same Nachiketa on A R Rahman's soundtrack for Shyam Benegal's Bose. Suresh Wadkar returns after Mulaqaat. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan makes for an interesting addition. Rekha snags two songs on this soundtrack. And Vishal also makes his singing début. Hmm. No Lata (cool!), no Asha (nice!), but unfortunately no Sanjeev Abhyankar (recently heard wasting his talent in that terrible title track from The Nose for Banaras). A track listing follows.

* OMkaaraa / sukhvinder singh

* o saathii re / shreya ghoshal, vishal bhardwaj

* bii.Dii / sunidhi chauhan. sukhvinder singh, nachiketa chakravorty, clinton cerejo

* jag jaa / suresh wadkar

* namak / rekha bhardwaj, rakesh pandit

* nainaa / rahat fateh ali khan

* laakaD / rekha bhardwaj

* the tragedie of omkara

Excuse me while I go and relish the trailers.

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