Monday, June 30, 2008

bollywood title for the moment: Deewana Must Die

I kid you not. That's the name of Guddu Dhanoa's next film. It's got Adhyayan Suman (who recently bounced off the marquee with Haal-e-Dil, the haal of which has most probably speared the dil of all those who had invested in it). Although the smart and studious one has been quoted as saying that he's starring in a sequel to Deewana (which gave Bollywood a star in Smirkinder Stammernath), Dhanoa denies this. He even denies that the film has anything to do with the high school comedy John Tucker Must Die, since his film (a) has a different story and (b) features one leading heroine (only one, saar, no more). Given that one of the most famous nuts in love was a scion of the Montague clan, perhaps this is Dhanoa's attempt at Bollywoodising Romeo Must Die. Time must die until we find out more.

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