Monday, June 30, 2008


A gentleman going by the name of Anil "Senior" Sharma (such an unfortunate abbreviation) is about to make his directorial d´but with a film called Dil Kabaddi. This ain't the Anil Sharma responsible for Hukumat, Elaan-E-Jung, Farishtey, Tehelka, Gadar or The Hero (Love Story Of A Spy). Now this film about the games of the heart was originally titled Bubblegum. Wookie sense didn't prevail and we got a title that just barely qualifies as a less ambiguous name. Snagging bits from here, there and everywhere

Konkona Sen Sharma and Rahul Bose (who plays a professor) are a couple. Irrfan Khan plays an executive married to Soha Ali Khan; he ain't getting enough and she thinks he ain't romantic enough. Payal Rohatgi plays an aerobics instructor. The film reportedly deals with friends and complexity of marriage while living in a big city.

Now, I smell Husbands and Wives, which might mark a first for Bollywood: I don't think anyone's had the temerity to try and toy with this director's ouevre before. If this observation's not unfounded, we can only rue the waste of acting talent in the flick. Yes, I'm being presumptuous about the quality of the final product, because it'll take Bollywood a long time to get to making the kind of films Mr. Allen makes.

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