Saturday, January 09, 2010

dutch betrayal

Some of the things movies teach you are funny. There I was watching Body of Lies (soon to be "remade" as जिस्म झूठ का), specifically the aftermath of a terrorist bomb in Amsterdam. That's when I found out what the abbreviation for the local police was. KLPD. I kid you not. Now, if you're Indian and you haven't been living a sheltered PG life or you haven't watched Monsoon Wedding, you know why I'm laughing.


Shrini said...

The PETN powder in the Nigerian's pant mostly must have diffused due to an erection, causing the bomb to catch fire and not explode - so it technically becomes Kha*e L*** Pe Dhuaan :)

Abhi said...

Have u noticed that they actually have a LAND in it.

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