Sunday, June 06, 2010

universal hawas

The Indian subtitling industry should file a patent for the process of converting any G-rated or PG-rated film into something that only adults can appreciate. The industry has enough prior art to support the claim too (YT has written about this before). A video I recently caught (courtesy: Baradwaj Rangan). The song's from a film called Kaakkii Chattai (that means Khaki Shirt, I believe) and recognisably an Ilayaraaja creation. Being a true professional, Kamal Saar complies with the disco fetish of the time and dons an outlandish costume. His co-star Madhavi and the supporting dancers do the same, while Sathyaraj (who was also the subject of a couple of posts hereabouts). The subtitling department has not only introduced mature content but has also done so with the brevity that marked some of Ghalib's verse. For a song that runs for 3 minutes and 40 seconds, you only have a pitiful handful of subtitles and quite a few are repeated. Here are all of them for your reading pleasure once you have enjoyed the video augmented by S. Janaki's sighing.

a young matured girl is dancing by kick
dear! come here/dear come here
he asks my sari at night and it disturbe[sic] my king
shall i play music instrument on your body?
i am straving[sic] for you very much.
shall i see your secret parts without taking risk?
i didn't see any wounds by love
we are getting fired in lust

If you're wondering what the costumes have to do with a half-saree, you're not alone. But I don't think anyone really cared.

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