Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cook, don't laugh

I bear no ill will to those who painstakingly put up blog after blog with post after post dedicated to all sorts of traditional dishes from all over India. I really can't help convulsing in tears of laughter when I read pages like this. The typos are both harmless (protiens instead of proteins) and howlarious (sweat instead of sweet). The e gets knocked off the edge of minute and peel becomes peal (the transitive slicing of tapioca -- spelled tapyoka through -- becomes intransitive ringing). You drop an e at the wrong place and something as simple as make the[sic] paste of cumin seeds becomes make the past of cumin seeds (when was the last time you heard of जीरा getting into the witness protection programme?). And what does one make of Peal the Kappa and boil till soft (around 15 minuts)in sufficient water after it become soft, stain the water.? stain the water? with a flourish like Jackson Pollock? Still, at the end of it all, मसालेदार कप्पा is ready for consumption.

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