Tuesday, February 15, 2011

suprise! i'm turning

Georgia state law requires that turn signals be installed and functional when you are selling a car. Surely this means that the buyer and subsequent user of the car should use it. Why then do so many drivers glide across lanes and weave through lines of cars without ever letting you know what they are about to do? Don't they understand that they are contributing to the danger of driving?

What is so important that you have to zip out into the right lane from behind me, zoom ahead and zip back in front of me and past me into the left lane and onward (without ever flashing either the right or left turn lights), when we are destined to see each other at the next light?

Do you think you will be struck down by lightning if you miss that turn into the Papa Johns passing by? If not, why do you insist on suddenly stopping and whipping to the right, startling the person driving behind you? I'd understand if you were a felon and I was a police man chasing you with the lights atop my cruiser flashing loud, but you aren't a felon and I am not chasing you.

There is also a very special group within this large horde of those who abhor turn lights. This group specialises in occasionally using the turn lights. These occasions are also quite remarkable. A typical driver belonging to this group is seen to zip or glide from one lane to the next without ever tapping that lever sticking out of the steering column. This driver then ends up in a left-only lane or a right-only lane and then promptly sets his/her turn light on to let you know that he/she wishes to turn left in a left-only lane or turn right in a right-only lane. Is there no room between minimalism and redundancy for courtesy?

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