Friday, November 08, 2002

new screen

Screen is sporting a new look and feel for their web content. The disadvantage: more mouse clicks to get to the article you want. Here are my picks for this weekend's edition -- the focus is on sensuality projected in Indian cinema over the years and especially in the present.

* Indian cinema continues to be coy about the portrayal of erotica on screen... Bhawana Somaaya explores the outlet that historicals and period pictures have provided, while Devesh Sharma ploughs through The Kissing Fields.

* Sometime, somewhere revisits Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, one of Diwali's biggest box-office extravaganzas, and there's a related featurette on the music of the film (which had Jatin-Lalit dishing oodles of resampled RD Burman material, packaged in enough candy and soda-bubblegum pop to top the charts)

* Dev Anand talks to Rajiv Vijaykar about the late S. D. Burman (Halloween marked his 27th death anniversary).


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