Tuesday, November 19, 2002

santana makes bollywood film composing début

Well, technically, not our man Carlos who last contributed to the soundtrack of Rahul Bose's directorial dé Everybody Says I'm Fine {as a cross-plug here's nidhi's review of the film}. Instead, we have the offspring of Shravan Rathod (and nephews of singer Vinod Rathod), member of the "inspired" composer duo Nadeem-Shravan reviving Smooth/Corazon Espinado. Maybe it's my imagination, but I can hear Santana all over Deewana Deewana from Rishtey. And Udit Narayan with his inconsistent and errant ennunciations cannot claim to be even a passable desi adaptation of Shri Thomas of Matchbox Twenty for one. Perhaps it's just Sanjeev-Darshan crystallizing their ideas of latin pop...


Michael Caroff said...

Carlos Santana in Bollywood! Interesting. I'd love to hear a YouTube video. Do you have a link to the sound file?



George said...

Thanks for stopping by, Michael.

If you'd like to hear "Deewana Deewana," here's a page that hosts the song as well as other songs from the film's soundtrack.

If your question was about Everybody Says I'm Fine, I'm afraid I don't have a pointer to the title song featuring Carlos Santana. If memory serves me right, the soundtrack was released by Universal Music; in the USA, Zakir Hussain's label Moment Records was involved in the distribution (Zakir Hussain composed the music for the film). If you're lucky you might find a copy of the CD in a used CD store or perhaps in the bargain bins of a local Indian (that's South Asian) store.

If you're interested, here's an old interview with Rahul Bose (the writer and director of the film) and Zakir Hussain about the soundtrack.

Michael Caroff said...

Wow, never know Santana was a film composer! :) Seriously, I'd love to hear the track. Anywhere it's available online?

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