Wednesday, November 27, 2002

robin hood -- southern style

extract from the New York Times (with my emphasis):
A city utility employee in LaGrange was arrested on charges of stealing from business customers to help the poor pay their bills. The worker, Cassandra Dickerson, 34, was charged with stealing $3,000 from the LaGrange Department of Utilities, where she had worked for about a year. Investigators said she diverted payments from businesses to help people who were behind on payments or needed deposits to get gas, water or electrical service.. Based on my rather uneven experiences with utility companies, I owe an iota support for her feelings ... I still think theft is wrong ... but I'd dare to classify what the utility companies indulge in as white collar crime. Classic case of stealing from the thieves ... but then, we live in a society governed by a framework of law that is wordy and complex to facilitate correctness (and circumvention as a side effect)... {link courtesy: Chris}

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