Friday, May 28, 2004

a memorial sampling

Something for Niranjan, wherever he may be blog-wise: Zach has a nice long post on the GNTD (Gerund-Name Title Device) (all definitions included) and a growing list of samples. All we need now is more lists on the Bollywood end (my favourite example to start things off is the Hindi:English -- Mudda: The Issue for example format).

Was listening to Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar! and on flipping to the credits on the CD I noticed the name "Piyush Mishra" in the lyrics credits along with Vishal regulars Abbas Tyrewala and Dr Bashir Badr. Is this the same Piyush Mishra who played Kaka (Banquo) in Maqbool?

WBH2P2 Gaffe alert: Arshad Warsi shifts position in the boot (dicky) of the white ambassador in the climatic moments. I don't think there's enough space in the boot to be able to flip on the long side.

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