Sunday, May 02, 2004

saturday whizzes by

laundry. a bout of tennis (imagine lethargic me taking this giant leap of faith from the indoors onto a tennis court thanks to some persistent friends). a commencement ceremony (which added more meat to my contention that these are some of the most boring proceedings ever). kite flying in piedmont park {the wind was not too kind, but we did our best. the sprinklers cast some cool rainbows as they sprung to life and whirled around. and the other proceedings at the park merited addition to the script of an art movie about three guys in the park with a kite}. a gathering of friends {the occasion: one of us will soon leave this city to pursue a PhD elsewhere. cool snacks, including samosas, bhel, helpings of paneer and green bell peppers, and soda. champagne was cracked to mark another one in our midst who just walked -- that's Americanese for "graduated"}. and then back home to join the largest gathering of people ever in our living room for a midnight birthday cake-cutting ceremony. and an rather interesting introduction to the complete lack of usability in the Mac OS when it comes to dealing with CD-ROM drives and the like.

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