Sunday, July 02, 2006

new contribution to the song of the fortnight: naa jaa o mere hamadam / Pyar Ka Mausam

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Another new article of mine has surfaced on the Panchammagic Song of the Fortnight page:

naa jaa o mere hamadam / film: Pyar Ka Mausam (1969) / lyrics: Majrooh
Our song for this edition, Lata's haunting naa jaa o mere hamadam comes off the Pyar ka Mausam soundtrack, which boasted nine songs that saw Pancham in fine form. Majrooh pens a familiar staple of Bollywood films: the heroine beseeching her lover to return to her after a lover's quarrel, or perhaps a misunderstanding of sorts. In addition to being one of Lata's best renditions, the song also boasts another example of Pancham's penchant for experimenting with arrangements and sounds: the striking (no pun intended) use of church bells. It's a Morricone-esque flourish employed for a different mood. But what mood is it? Despite the familiar territory, the trademark mix of elements makes the intent a bit ambiguous.
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[PS: The article gets a more permanent archive URL once a new post goes up; I'll update this post when that happens]

addendum: [august 25, 2006] The page has just received some cool embellishments: the LP cover and some sample audio clips.

[august 14, 2007]: URL updated.

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