Saturday, March 03, 2007

deutsche auto intoxication

The rebarbative rabbler known in the Circles of the Ailing Ear as The Nose That Goes (On and On) has added another splotch to the list of meaningless achievements that keeps the desii media happy. He's effected the first appearance of Indian auto-rickshaws on German streets. The scoop: a pre-climactic sequence featuring 6 of the yellow-and-black's ilk in his acting début Aap kaa Surroor: The Moviee (no typo that, mind you). It's his way of acknowledging the importance of these patrons of jha.nkaar beats in his success.

The makers of this film might choose to give themselves a few pats for this creative brainwave. Yet, a legendary cinematic work beat them to the finishing line years ago. Who can forget the pre-climactic sequence in Kanti Shah's cult classic Gunda (famously featured in a Pune quiz) featuring Mukesh Rishi and his Red Rickshaw-Riding Hoods facing off with the one and only Mithun Chakraborty? The hero and villain employ audaciously gassy couplets as weapons, before the infinitely-fuelled bazooka makes its appearance. The sequence is reportedly being considered for inclusion in educational texts to illustrate the benefits of harmonious multi-threaded applications as well as in diploma courses on system administration.

elsewhere: A blog dedicated to collecting all the verse adorning rickshaws. An undeniably cool idea.

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