Thursday, May 10, 2007

loneliness is killing

If you've been wondering what shocking vistas the Raja Of the Rhinogenous Roundelay has in store for you with Aap Kaa Surroor -- The Moviee -- A True Luv Story [remember the rickshaws], wonder and fear no more. The nimiety of narcissism is on display in video clips from the song sequences available online. The video clip for tanhaaiyaa.N, which features Il Naso in various poses that could be fuelled by self-absorbed angst or reticent rumination. The clip opens with a fusion of populist kitschy tasteless Hinglish and Shahryar's sher that was reused by Nida Fazli in a popular Hindi film Gazal:

bhagawaan kaa screenplay bhii ajiib hai
kabhii kisii ko mukammal jahaa.N nahii.n milataa

In deriving the infectious predictable annoying core of the song (a single word repeated ad nauseum), the Pinch Singer sought inspiration from a mix tape of recordings from Bruce Lee movies. What comes out is a fervent tan-a-haii-yaa.N (or in H-speak, ta.Nna.N-haii.n-yaa.N). Each time he hits the haii you can see bricks being shattered. As your ears cringe, your eyes are subjected to a blend of some of the most common, boring and predictable cutting approach (cut before each line or short refrain) and camerawork based on the misplaced swoops and looms recently seen in RGV's Nishabd.

Bollywood loves violins. So it seems like a good idea to cue up a bunch of fair-skinned lassies in black playing air violin (with real violins, no less) with such deadpan inspirational words as the following:

you've witnessed the agonies of tragic love stories
you've witnessed the ecstasies of immortal love stories
it's time you witnessed mine

One hopes that agony visits him instead of ecstasy.

An assault on the senses is on its way. One hopes that this film is adequately bad and that the much-hyped de-cap-itation is sufficiently hilarious and inconsequential. We don't want another Love in Nepal; we want intellectually depraved trash. kacharaa.N dikhaa.N jaa.N.

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