Saturday, February 06, 2010


Deepika Padukone (pronounced पाडुकोण) saying anything. That grating accent must go. Remake Reshma aur Shera with the Big B's character changed to a woman and give her that role. There will surely be an award or two. That should suffice to encourage the silence. Alternatively, one implores RGV to rope her in for a native part in one of his forthcoming films. He loves having घाटs in his flicks and they lend credible colour and texture to the goings-on set mostly in Bombay, Pune and their 'burbs.

Lucky Ali should sing a song for Farhan Akhtar. Why hasn't someone considered this yet? Perhaps because Farhan Akhtar chose to warble his own way in Rock On!!

Someone should make a movie starring The Nasal Warrior in which his character sports a feminine alter ego with the voice of Lata Mangeshkar. The title? How about काँच को क्या आँच?


Salil said...

Its pronounced पदुकोण

George said...

Hey Salil,

I merely noted how Miss Little Light pronounced it :)

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