Monday, February 15, 2010

my name is thackeray and i am a hypocrite

Following SRK's remark of regret that no Pakistani cricket player had been bought by the IPL clubs, the Shiv Sena, a party famous for its extremist bigotry, unleashed its fury and threats at the star. The Sena then decided to make his forthcoming film My Name is Khan (released on Friday last week) the target of a boycott of violence (something they've been rather successful at). CM Chavan went through the motions of warning the Sena, assuring all protection to Khan and his can of film and then expressing his hope that good sense would prevail. Then the Sena decided not to kill the commercial goose and then went stateless like everyone's favourite kind of EJB and went back to threaten ape poop on the film's future. The state did what it could: 1000 sainiks were detained. Several cinema theatres and multiplexes, knowing fully well that no form of law and order either on paper or in practice would help them against the might of the Shiv Sena, decided not to screen the film. People, however, wanted their star. There are some things that defy the laws of physics; the Sena didn't stand a chance. The Sena refused to consider this a failure. They continued to chastise the administration and pat themselves on their backs.

Meanwhile, disaster struck in Pune. A bomb went off at German Bakery. The tragedy was followed by the usual mix of vacuous news reports and angry tweets (mixed with several tweets loaded with information) that cursed the politicians, the police and the government. The crowning flourish came now from Uddhav Thackeray. He decided to blame the CM and his "immature politics" and alleged that the blast had happened because the CM had sent all the security over to protect the Khan and the film. Sigh. Will all the people who support the Shiv Sena and dare to possess a smidgen of sound common sense please tell me exactly why they continue to support this confederacy of dunces?

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