Saturday, February 20, 2010

get ready for the pulp

In the wake of the release of Daylight Robbery, there are signs of an increasing interest in this "revival" of Indian pulp fiction. Siddhartha points me an article over at Tehelka about Surendra Mohan Pathak (you've heard of Sudarshan, of course).Sudarshan raises the stakes with another article at Tehelka written by the Pastor of Pulp himself -- it's a review of a recent translation of two Ibn-e-Safi works along with notes about the author, who got an endorsement from the Dame of crime writing herself. He also tells me about an article in the Hindustan Times that includes a conversation with the man. Splatter me!

[march 28, 2010]: It takes me about a fortnight to shout out "He's famous!" after Sudarshan gets his mugshot and an interview in The Hindu. Awesome!

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