Sunday, April 21, 2002

Air-fare searching is an astonishingly complex computer task and it took ITA Software, Cambridge, MA to show the way. Set up a few years ago by a procrastinating graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ITA seems to be able to help the industry rewrite its future...{NYTimes} (free subscription required)

Get Your War On (alt: Get Your War On) has been described by the LA Weekly as an angry, post-Dilbert Power-Point presentation as written by a depressed David Mamet on a rap-music kick and is Like 'Dilbert,' but Subversive and Online. Created by David Rees on October 09, 2001, this harshly satiric comic strip follows the phone conversations of a multiracial group of cubicle workers during the war on terrorism.

Movie for the evening: Gurudev, Vinod Mehra's first and last movie as director. Over-flawed thanks to his demise before completing the film, but there's still enough to provide intentional and unintentional entertainment ...

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