Sunday, April 28, 2002

Pancham on eBay

After long last we have a hit on eBay. It's INDIAN SOUNDTRACK The Great Gambler BURMAN (NOTE: Link expires after auction ends): INDIAN SOUNDTRACK The great Gambler 1978. Legendaric Indian soundtrack by Rahul Dev Burman which contains loads of weird samples. 'O diwano Dil Sambhalo start of with weird moog effects, a fat Indian funk beats follows. Then it goes completely over the top: a female 'la la la' choir, violins and spanish trumpets followed by strange Hindi lines and jazzy 'chubabdooba' and big band intermezzo's. The weirdest beat lounge I can think of. The Dance music is again dozens of intro's put on top of each other, and since it it post 78, it has a fat sound. Schizophrenic stuff, anybody's mouth will fall wide open. 'Tun Kite din baad |Mile' starts with a super cool & weird lounge groove with many moog-like effects. Born to be sampled

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