Friday, April 12, 2002

Movie for the weekend
For those Indians away from the city of dons, Mumbai, the latest dish Company served by Ram Gopal Varma may not turn out as thrilling as it would for the Mumbaiyya crowd...{} Hope this movie doesn't do for Mohanlal what Dhartiputra did for Mammooty. Screen interviews Vivek Oberoi (the next Manoj Bajpai?), Ramgopal Verma, and Antara Mali. Interestingly, Ramgopal Verma's next film is titled Road. Daud came after Satya, and that crashed! Road has a titular similarity that I hope remains at that only. {ScreenIndia review: Apr 19, 2002}

Movie for the eveningPANIC ROOM at Phipps.

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