Saturday, April 27, 2002

A profitable trip to the Indian store today. My tapes included: Samunder, Sanam Teri Kasam, Drohi, Jurmana and Dard ka Rishta. Also bought three audio CDs: A Musical Bondage{MIL: Songs composed by R. D. Burman and sung by Asha Bhosle}, Hits of Asha Bhosle {PAN: several rarities, including a few by R .D. Burman}, and Moods of Kishore Kumar {MIL: some rare R. D. Burman songs, including one from the ill-fated Duniya). The haul at the public library included a lot of CDs, a few books and two movies (yeah, two more!). Here's the list (as if you cared!).

Movies for the evening: Aankhen, Company, Sanam Teri Kasam

A little Company trivia: Neeraj Vohra (who played the music director in Satya) plays a film director in Company. A certain Neeraj Vohra directed the Akshay Kumar Khiladi-dud Khiladi 420. Same guy??.

More Company trivia

More Company links

{may 15, 2002: music review of Company}

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