Monday, January 27, 2003

delhi durbar is another new Indian restaurant to hit Atlanta. Right across the road from good ol' Udipi Café (run by the South-Indian version of the Sopranos) and housed in what used to be a Shoney's, this place also featured a waiter last seen at Curry and Kabob (perhaps it's the same management). The purees rocked, although the grease (normal by Indian standards) may be an issue with over-sensitive patrons. The lassi, although a good addition, didn't pack enough punch. Overall, though, a good array of food, barring the chicken nihari that was missing the chicken. Also featuring beef paaya, last seen at the grease fest called Sabri Kabab House.

The audio video collection from the defunct wing of Urvashi Video Rental and Beauty Parlour at North Dekalb Mall has reappeared at a small cash-only store called SAGAR in the same strip as Udipi. CDs are going at 3 for $15. Quite a good deal. Most of them are Vanilla Music products (read: copies and unauthorized aggregations of other branded CDs). But that doesn't really matter, since the original releases are so hard to find. Go grab some.

Followup : {Feb 07, 2003}

Creative Loafing reviewer Cliff Bostock reviews DD and retracts.

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