Tuesday, April 06, 2004

die daylight saving time

When the clocks changed in October last year, I began looking at dark dark mornings and winter blues. First time ever. Come February and the mornings started getting brighter. And I began feeling good again. And now the clocks changed again. And the mornings are dark again. Friends have tried explaining the scientific[sic] benefits of DST to me. I never understood. Don't think I ever will. Back home in Pune I never knew about DST (except when dealing with the clients in the US of A, and even then it was a statistic!). And things were fine. I see DST messing with the consistency of days and nights. And if I'm susceptible to winter blues or dark morning blues, I'd like to find a cure. Cursing DST won't help me much. And the cool aspects of long bright evenings with late sunsets are wearing thin.

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