Tuesday, April 06, 2004

oddball cycle of love

V K Prakash's "rectangular love story" Freaky Chakra has interesting ambitions. There's a lot of oddball humour, a lot of it familiar, and good performances from Deepti Naval as the widowed Mrs Thomas, who works with dead bodies and awaits pornographic calls from an anonymous caller, and Sachin Khedekar as the depraved repressed Mr Sundaram who has a thing for Mrs Thomas and gets off on making anonymous pornographic calls to her every night. Ranvir Shorey often grates as the writer/sutradhar who watches his story go out of control, thanks to the X factor of Sunil (another inadequate turn), who comes in as a PG to Mrs Thomas. The soundtrack by Ousephachan has some good songs, although Venugopal's version of naa chaahiye mujhe pyaar (used in the film) doesn't work as well as Devi's (available only on the album). The only problem is that the weirdness tries too hard (and there are way too many screenwriters for comfort).

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