Wednesday, April 07, 2004

exploitative exploitation

I remember having seen Kamala a long time ago on Doordarshan. When Jag Mundhra made Bawandar, this last foray in the genre of exploitation-exploring docu-drama got some more limelight. Deepti Naval featured in both films: in Bawandar she was the social activist, in Kamala she is the eponymous protagonist (Well, Tendulkar's identity ideologies notwithstanding). The film seems dated and choppy (a side-effect of the budget, clearly). But there is a lot of substance and a fair amount of layering (courtesy Tendulkar's source play?). Triviamongers will note that Bappi Lahiri contributes two songs to the soundtrack, one by Pankaj Udhas and the other by Salma Agha. Shabana Azmi featured in Suraag as well, as did Marc Zuber.

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