Saturday, April 17, 2004

ICMS II: in the morning

Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar accompanied by Pt Suresh Talwalkar on tabla and Vishwanath Kanhere on Harmonium present a grim unsmiling picture as they sat on stage ready to begin the second ICMS concert for 2004 -- a Saturday morning concert. However, once they segued into their renditions for the day, the faces were smiling, the chemistry wonderful and the musical virtuosity unparalleled and mindblowing. Adventurous taans and mii.nDs were the order of the day. From the haunting dawn of miyaa kii toDii to the familiar phrases of jaunapuri to the patient buildup to an improvisational jamboree built on bri.ndaawanii saara.Ng to an astounding exploration of hi.nDol-bahaar culminating in a roopak-taal-backed evocation in bhairavii, this was quality music with high-quality music. Hope it lasts till the next event in October.
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