Monday, July 12, 2004

bollywood marketing

Masoom DVD Cover
begin inconsistent prelude It should come as no surprise that the occasional movie of quality from the mainstream meat processor in Bollywood is most likely to fail thanks to a complete lack of marketing. It would have been nice to have a marketing machine like Miramax (minus all the megalomaniacal control issues) that would get more people interested in semi-alternative-fare. Mercifully, as friends tell me, the multiplexes have made such films less risky propositions.

And then we have DVDs. Current movies lend themselves more easily to DVD mastering. Yet, a blue moon is more likely to occur than a good DVD master. Which means that old movies (cult/classic) would suffer a worse fate. Negative preservation is unheard. Quality of film stock was questionable. The red rage abounds along with hazy greens and fuzzy other-colour. end inconsistent prelude

Masoom, despite the Erich Sehgal sourcing, showcased Shekhar Kapur's skill at dealing with children and producing a fairly balanced film that could straddle the fence between mainstream requirements of songs (a veritable coup of netting Gulzar and Pancham resulting in a musical watershed) and the desire to tell a different tale (no love and trees, thank you). All prints since the release have suffered age. And the DVD probably uses one of those stale prints. But now, we have some marketing at work. The result is a tagline that would give you exactly ALL the wrong ideas about the film. Child's Play, anyone?

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