Saturday, July 24, 2004

jack's bile duct rages again

Finally, finally, finally, thanks to the Midnight Movies series at Midtown Art Cinema, I had a chance to catch Fight Club on the big screen. And the hall was nearly packed too! For a week or so, coincidentally, I've been spouting quotes from the film, and it's probably scary, but I empathise completely with everything in it. The film made me a fan of David Fincher, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt (in his good roles, that is), and Chuck Palahniuk. Now, if only they had managed to adapt Survivor as well. The significance of the assumed names [Travis (Bickle), Rupert (Pupkin), and Cornelius] is clearer (or is it?). Duly noted: a cinema hall playing "Seven Years in Tibet" (with some letters knocked out), which also starred Brad Pitt. Also duly noted: Detectives Andrew, Kevin and Walker. And of course there's the weird significance of the Narrator wanting to fight William Shatner (yikes! is my geekiness so far removed?)

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