Tuesday, July 13, 2004

how the stuff we do helps us learn ...

I've been reading Christopher Sandford's journalistic biography of Sting titled (appropriately enough, actually, aside from the reference to the title track he contributed to the Stallone vehicle) Demolition Man. Interesting character insight. And also a lesson in how simple facts are not often helpful in understanding why things happen (for example, "why did the Police break up when they were at their peak?" is a question one can answer more easily, and perhaps even explain rationally). Now, Sting's from Newcastle. Hence he calls himself a Geordie boy (apparently, a reference to the support the people there voiced for the first and second Kings George).

Now at work today, I began to loop Knopfler's Sailing to Philadelphia and the title track comes up with Knopfler going "...I'm a Geordie boy ...". Nice. Hadn't paid attention to the lyrics all that much, but this line grabbed me, and the bonus was, I already knew what it meant:)

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