Thursday, September 30, 2004

finally ...

A woman gets arrested for talking too loudly on a mobile phone ...[more]. It's time this happened on a more regular basis. I've been privy to break-ups, business decisions, domestic issues, where-to-go-out-to-get-smashed conversations, and many more horrifying aural assaults. It's time they took some action against douche bags who latch on to a technology like this despite its cost (honestly, we got along fine without cell phones didn't we? -- i can hear someone make an argument for the pre-phone days but never mind ...) without any sense of appropriate use. I can see the use of a cell phone when your car breaks down on the interstate and you need to call AAA or the cops (both of which will take their own sweet time coming). Apart from that, I can't think of any life-threatening situations that would really really require a cell phone (arguments anticipated: getting lost in a mall, haphazard planning for things to do on a Friday night -- choosing a place to dine at, a cinema hall to catch a flick, blah blah blah). And let's not even begin to discuss social menaces who insist on talking on cell phones while driving on interstates or inner roads.

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